IHBC’s joint ‘Conservation Professional Practice Principles’ post-outs under way, with planned circulation to c.17,000 by 2018

As the IHBC promotes the widest dissemination of our joint statement on built and historic environment conservation practice, the ‘Conservation Professional Practice Principles’ – our current post-out to members is tied to a planned circulation of up to 17,000 by 2018.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘With such a substantial partnership in place in the development of these joint ‘Principles’ – written with the HTVF and England’s Civic Voice – it’s not surprising that the IHBC’s own modest membership represents but a small proportion of the reach of this seminal statement on built and historic environment conservation practice.’

‘For example, I’m delighted to announce that we can circulate copies with the Urban Design Group’s (UDG) forthcoming journal, themed on ‘Urban Design and Conservation’, which includes articles by myself and the lead author of the ‘Principles’, IHBC past Chair Dave Chetwyn.  We’re really delighted that the UDG has offered us this special opportunity.’

‘With this, and the circulation to individual IHBC members and through our partners the HTVF and Civic Voice, we are planning to have some 17000 copies in circulation by mid-2018.’

For the posting of the Pratice Princples on our partner service and the construction sector’s knowledge base, Designing Buildings Wiki, see the NewsBlogs and DBW

For the HTVF see historictownsforum.org and for Civic Voice see civicvoice.org.uk

For background and the IHBC’s Annual School launch of the ‘Practice Principles’ see the IHBC NewsBlogs

To see the Practice Principles follow the links to our ‘Recognised standards and guidelines’ on the IHBC’s Toolbox

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For more background see the NewsBlogs

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