IHBC celebrates 2016 Gus Astley Student Award ‘Trustee selection’ winner now in print: On lighthouses as ‘machines for living in’

The IHBC has welcomed the publication by 2016 IHBC Student Award ‘Trustee Selection’, Tom Nancollas, of his book based on the dissertation ‘A machine for living in: appraising the rock lighthouse interior, 1800-1905’, presented on the IHBC recognised course in the School of Architecture and Landscape at Kingston University.

Bob Kindred IHBC research consultant and trustee of the Gus Astley Memorial Fund said: ‘The Institute is very pleased to note that a former recipient of one of the Gus Astley Awards at the 2017 IHBC Annual School in Manchester, Tom Nancollas, has developed his dissertation into a well-received, recently published book.’

‘His dissertation, ‘A machine for living in: appraising the rock lighthouse interior, 1800-1905’ – part of the taught course at Kingston – was noted for its thoroughness, and the clarity of the insights into this fascinating topic, and was considered the good basis for a book.

‘I was delighted to inform the school delegates at the Manchester School that Tom’s book was in preparation and the IHBC hope that more of the excellent submissions for the annual awards will be published in future to inform and enlighten the sector on some of the interesting and unusual topics on which the post-graduate students have worked so hard.

Tom, now an author at Penguin Random House UK, has now developed his work into ‘Seashaken Houses: A Lighthouse History from Eddystone to Fastnet’.  This has now been published in hardback and on Kindle by Particular Books (part of Penguin) and was favourable reviewed in The Guardian Review No.45 on Saturday 24 November.

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