IHBC launches consultation on Corporate Plan 2020-25 (‘CP25’) as ‘Stage 1’ scoping: First responses sought by 1 January

IHBC’s members and prospective members are asked to study, scrutinise and feed back on the IHBC’s evolving Corporate Plan for 2020-25 – called  CP25 – and let us know what we need to add, change or develop in the forward plans for our next five years, with responses encouraged by 1 January 2020.

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘The new plan builds on the success of our current guiding document, the Corporate Plan for 2015-20 or, more familiarly, ‘CP20’.  Very positive feedback from the surveys and analysis undertaken from 2017 and after indicated that CP20 offered the perfect start for this next phase in the IHBC’s development.

‘Now, CP25 focusses on consolidating the more ambitious plans continuing from CP20 including:

  • refining our governance, by modernising our constitution
  • building political weight for conservation advocacy
  • Enhancing our professional support infrastructure, including for that through our local Branches, and
  • targeting capacity in our charitable operations through donations with an evolving fundraising strategy.

‘The clear priority is to maintain all our core, familiar services – including training and learning support alongside a closer engagement with practitioners of all backgrounds and career profiles.  This way we will continue to help members squeeze the most value out of the comparatively tiny fees that, as a professional body and charity, we need to charge keep developing.’

‘This consultation is at an early stage, so it is very open, and even our measures and targets have yet to be determined.  Members still may usefully feed back thoughts on our draft to Branch officers; to our committees and representatives, as well as to our trustees and other officers, all as suits.  Anyone may also use the dedicated email IHBCCP25@ihbc.org.uk to input more formally into the process. That way we can all make this new plan as ‘fit-for-purpose’ as our current plan has proven to be’.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘We have delivered a large part  of our ambitious targets from the last plan – CP20 – and it is not over yet.  So we’re really looking forward to getting useful feedback on this scoping draft to help shape our future services to members and to the sector as a whole.’

‘In 2018 Trustees agreed to ‘Adopt the existing Corporate Plan legacy and model as a springboard for future corporate planning’, and the current draft does just that.  It continues the very best of existing  services, while also focusing development on delivering the new ambitions, as our Chair has noted.’

‘One cautionary note, though, to bear in mind when considering the draft: for any issues that you might not be familiar with, please do first check out what we may have said about them using the search facility in our NewsBlogs, or in our Members Eletters.  A simple search there should offer you a basic idea of what we are working on, even for the more nascent projects or programmes listed for actions.’

‘If you still have  questions on detail or fact, please do feel free to contact me direct at director@ihbc.org.uk!


Email thoughts and suggestions on CP25 to: IHBCCP25@ihbc.org.uk

 For more on the member survey underpinning on CP20’s impact see

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