IHBC’s new monthly CPD Circular now out: Making CPD & training more accessible to interdisciplinary conservation practitioners, at all career stages

The IHBC has launched a new ‘CPD Circular’ to consolidate access to the best of the IHBC’s own local and national Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and training events, as well as those offered by our ‘IHBC Recognised CPD Providers’ and other conservation CPD priority events.

Michael Netter, IHBC’s Professional Services Office and lead in developing the new IHBC CPD Circular said: ‘As part of the IHBC’s commitment to providing our members and their networks with up to date information on CPD opportunities, this new monthly service lists upcoming Branch and National Events, CPD opportunities, Awards, Placements, Bursaries & Scholarships, and Calls for Papers, from across the UK and beyond.’

‘The CPD Circular replaces the ‘Branch Update’ NewsBlogs, more succinctly and accessibly reporting in these opportunities.  So all Branches should continue to let me know of any relevant events as soon as they can.’

‘The circular is planned to be distributed monthly, and seeks to form a ‘three month look ahead’ to events and happenings in the near future.  The aim is to present a geographically diverse opportunity set to ensure all IHBC members have access to, and knowledge of, the most accessible CPD opportunities nearby.’

David McDonald, IHBC Chair, said: ‘I’m pleased to welcome this new initiative. By providing this useful information, the IHBC will enable members to supplement the excellent CPD opportunities that the Institute already provides itself’.

Andrew Shepherd, IHBC Education Secretary said: ‘The IHBC is proud to publicise the opportunities for the advancement of conservation best practice and techniques with pan-professional events such as this promoted by other organisations with similar aims to our own.’

If your branch is organising an event not displayed in the circular, or you would like to promote other relevant opportunities, email Michael Netter at services@ihbc.org.uk with the details.

If you are not receiving your IHBC CPD Circular sign up HERE

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