IHBC’s new ‘CPD Circular’: Making ‘lockdown-compliant’ training and CPD more accessible, with guidance too!

The IHBC has circulated its current ‘CPD Circular’, with lockdown-compliant briefing and content, that still offers the same consolidated access to the best of the IHBC’s own Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as opportunities from ‘IHBC Recognised CPD Providers’ and other conservation CPD priority events.

Michael Netter, IHBC’s Professional Services Office and lead in developing the IHBC CPD Circular said: ‘With so many events cancelled or postponed, traditional CPD opportunities just aren’t available.  But as the weeks in lockdown progress we’re seeing more and more organisations start to offer content digitally, including the IHBC, and those are the opportunities we’ll be promoting to our members.’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘This new service also outlines some additional suggestions on how conservation skills can be extended during the lockdown, using the IHBC’s accessible resources as well as many others easily available.’

Andrew Shepherd, IHBC Education Secretary said: ‘The IHBC is proud to publicise the opportunities for the advancement of conservation best practice and techniques with pan-professional events such as this promoted by other organisations with similar aims to our own.’

If your branch is organising an event not displayed in the circular, or you would like to promote other relevant opportunities, email Michael at services@ihbc.org.uk with the details.

The IHBC introduces this ‘lockdown-compliant’ CPD Circular as follows:

As part of the IHBC’s commitment to providing our members and their networks with up to date information on continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and information, this monthly service includes upcoming Branch and National Events, CPD opportunities, Awards, Placements, Bursaries & Scholarships, Calls for Papers and more from across the UK and beyond.

As the nation continues to deal with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic (with cross-sector, current updates on our NewsBlogs) most courses and events have been postponed, while some are managing to be delivered virtually.  Although we do our best to update with any new dates or virtual delivery details, be sure to check with the source organisers for confirmation as things are apt to change quickly.

Of course now would be a good time to review your potential to gain CPD at home, especially by developing your familiarity with the potential of online resources.  Many periodicals, such as our own member journal CONTEXT, are available online, and its digital archive has an invaluable search facility to help interrogate our (currently) 163 issues online.  Many other books and journals also are accessible online in useful formats.

Many reference sources for research or developing understanding are also accessible in digital formats.  Our NewsBlogs date back to 2007 and are an important resource for insights to developments in conservation-related developments and news from across our inter-disciplinary members’ interests.  Any search engine can be used for such reviews, but knowing the best starting point for that work is an important skill in itself.

You can be more proactive too, generating CPD hours as well as promoting your work by contributing to the IHBC’s Conservation Wiki or participating in virtual conferences and webinars such as the upcoming IHBC Virtual School, and more from our CPD partners and registered CPD Providers, including those detailed below.

Finally, if you are interested in improving the support we offer, you can also get down to advancing your IHBC membership, whether by joining up or tackling your application.

ISSUE LISTINGS INCLUDE [Subject to change]

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