IHBC’s COVID-19 signpost 32: CLC Statement on managing Payment and Contracts in these challenging times

An Open Letter from the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) supported by the Department of Business Enterprise and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) and the Infrastructure Projects Authority (IPA) provides a statement on payments and contracts with cascading suggested to encourage ‘reasonable management of payments through the supply chain and reasonable behaviour in relation to contractual relationships.’

CLC writes:

In response to managing the impact of COVID-19, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), working with our Government Partners BEIS and IPA, has recently focused on ensuring that we can keep our people safe and enabling construction sites to operate in accordance with PHE guidelines. A 12-strong Construction Industry Task Force has been assembled to develop a number of initiatives to support the needs of the sector, including:

  • A letter to the Prime Minister, summarising urgent industry support needs.
  • Developing Site Operating Procedures based on Public Health England guidance.
  • Industry-tailored guidance for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and Self-
  • employed worker scheme.
  • Supporting firms to access to Government backed loans schemes for business.
  • Organising a call for industry leaders with the Minister for Construction.
  • Producing a daily newsletter for the industry.
  • Issuing good practice guidance on temporary suspensions of site activity.

These initiatives have been developed collaboratively by industry representatives. The success and impact of this work highlights the critical importance for the industry of continuing to work together as we respond to the crisis.

Read the letter in full

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