IHBC responds to HE’s Draft Local Authority Strategic Framework

IHBC consultations webpageThe IHBC has submitted its consultation response to the Historic England (HE) consultation on its Draft Local Authority Strategic Framework.

The IHBC summarises the response as follows:

The Framework is intended to guide HE engagement with local authorities, support the prioritisation of resources, and help local authorities to understand what Historic England does, why and how.

Historic England were looking for feedback on what activities are most in demand and if there was anything missing.  The IHBC welcomed clarity about Historic England’s engagement with Local Authorities and the services and resources to be provided but offered some areas where further attention could be useful. The IHBC identified a lack of focus on development management in the strategy.  Given the importance of development management, the value of HE’s contribution to it and the limited resources available, there needs to be a clearer strategy for development management engagement.  The 27 priorities of the Framework seems too many especially to be accorded the same weight and IHBC suggests they should be given levels to identify those of the highest priority.  The IHBC also noted the strategy also omits to tackle statutory and strategic climate change challenges which will have massive and wide-ranging impacts on the historic environment during the next 10 years and will impact on the work of HE and its interaction with Local Authorities.

See the full consultation response HERE

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