IHBC’s newest CPD Circular issued: Includes student research support, with an update call on Hempcrete research from York

The IHBC has issued its latest ‘CPD Circular’, with lockdown-compliant content including the IHBC’s own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) support, ‘IHBC Recognised CPD Providers’ CPD, and announcing a new service to help student projects, starting in the next issue with a call from Laura Long (York), for help on ‘hempcrete’ research detailed below.

The IHBC’s ‘CPD Circular’ reports:

As part of the IHBC’s commitment to providing our members and their networks with up to date information on continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and information, this monthly service includes upcoming Branch and National Events, CPD opportunities, Awards, Placements, Bursaries & Scholarships, Calls for Papers and more from across the UK and beyond.

In this time of restricted personal interaction, we appreciate that student researchers are having a particularly difficult time getting to know professionals across the sector.  As such we are offering to include links to student research questionnaires, and we ask our network to help these students by completing those questionnaires relevant to their expertise.  For students who wish to take advantage of this service, email your research subject, a short summary of your research aims, and a link to your questionnaire to services@ihbc.org.uk.

Use your time at home to complete your CPD with online resources such as:

Finally you can use this time to advance your IHBC membership, whether by joining up or tackling your application.

For the next CPD Circular issue, Laura Long writes:

I am a postgraduate student at the University of York, on the [IHBC recognised] Conservation Studies (Historic Buildings) MA programme, and a student member of the IHBC. As part of my dissertation research project I am kindly asking practitioners, architects, conservation officers, and those working for UK built heritage organisations, amenity societies or government bodies involved in the conservation of historic buildings, to complete a very short (12-13 question) online survey on the use of hemp-lime mixes (hempcrete) in historic (pre-1919) buildings.

I wondered if it would be possible for the IHBC to somehow distribute my questionnaires to its members please, for them to participate? It doesn’t matter if they have been involved with a historic building project involving hemp-lime before, their responses will still be extremely valuable.

There is one survey link for heritage organisations, another for architects and practitioners, and another for conservation officers… it’s essentially the same questionnaire but I need to keep the three groups separate for the purpose of my analysis.

Here are the 3 links:

Heritage Organisations: https://forms.gle/5PxrVrxPautY5JBj8

Practitioners/Architects: https://forms.gle/TGJiWuftmaNYicgd7

Conservation Officers:  https://forms.gle/Whnies3N5q8DnUj99

If there is also anyone who would be willing to fill out the Heritage Organisations survey on behalf of the IHBC, that would be very much appreciated.

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Download the  CPD Circular

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