IHBC Chair calls for feedback on pandemic pressures and priorities as the lockdown eases

As IHBC trustees start planning for beyond the COVID-19 lockdown, IHBC Chair David McDonald has renewed calls for IHBC member and network feedback on pressures and priorities, now with a simple feedback loop: just email the IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly at director@ihbc.org.uk, including ‘COVID-19 response’ in the subject line.

David McDonald said: ‘Of course as trustees we will continue to make sure the IHBC offers members all the support it possibly can while still remaining sustainable.  To succeed, we need member, practitioner and network feedback on how you see the impacts from the pandemic, and how we might all work together to move forward after it.  Whatever your thoughts, offers of support, or proposals, we are keen to hear from you!’

‘We will co-ordinate and align thoughts as best we can across our committee structures and, as needed, any new task-based groups.’

‘So, instead of yet another survey , simply email your thoughts as ‘free text’ to our Director, with ‘COVID-19 response’ in the subject line, and we will compile, review and use them to shape our plans.’

‘And if you are an active volunteer with our national Committees or panels, the Chairs will also be in touch on these plans soon too, while we’d strongly encourage Branches to spread the word to their local members as well, where capacity allows!’

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