IHBC supports ‘Cultural Heritage and Climate Planning Questionnaire’ from CHN – closing 17 July

The IHBC is supporting a survey initiated by the Climate Heritage Network (CHN) – of which the IHBC is a part – that seeks to compile a list of climate-related Mitigation or Adaptation Plans that also have a heritage element, and which closes on 17 July.

‘goal is to find some good examples of plans incorporating and respecting heritage’

IHBC’s Professional Services Officer Michael Netter said: ‘This survey has been initiated by the Climate Heritage Network, Working Group 4, of which IHBC is a part.  It is a piece of research looking for climate-related Mitigation or Adaptation Plans which also have a heritage element.’

‘The goal is to find some good examples of plans incorporating and respecting heritage, with the aim of producing a report highlighting these examples to serve as ‘best-practice’ or at least good examples to help inform future plans.’

CHN writes:

…. We are writing to ask you to complete a short Questionnaire on the inclusion of cultural heritage in relevant climate change policies and plans. The Questionnaire is a part of the Cultural Heritage in Climate Planning (HiCLIP) Project launched by CHN Working Group 4. Working Group 4 is one of 8 CHN working groups we have launched since January to help implement aspects of the CHN’s Madrid-to-Glasgow Arts, Culture and Heritage Action Plan.  ICOMOS is the coordinator for this particular working group. A full list of the members of CHN Working Group 4 can be found at the bottom of this message.

HiCLIP considers the ways in which culture and heritage are included and treated (or not) in both climate adaptation and greenhouse gas mitigation plans at the national, regional and municipal levels. Ultimately, the project will address options for better addressing the cultural dimensions of climate change by mainstreaming culture and heritage into such planning instruments.

It should take you about 20-25 minutes. Participation in this study is, of course, voluntary.

Please submit your completed survey by Friday, 17 July (we will send reminder E-mails before the survey closes).

You can complete the Questionnaire on PC or mobile devices via this link.

Read more…. and see the survey

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