IHBC highlights demand for HE’s new & concise guidance on ‘Enabling Development…’ (‘GPA 4’)

Historic England (HE) has released its new concise replacement practice guidance on ‘Enabling Development and Heritage Assets’ (GPA4), as IHBC Chair David McDonald highlights the application.

‘…long overdue and necessary to take account of evolving government policy…’

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘As we are twelve years on from English Heritage’s guidance on enabling development, this new advice is long overdue and necessary to take account of evolving government policy, including the NPPF.’

‘With difficult economic times ahead, GPA4 will no doubt be in frequent use to help manage enabling development in the historic environment’.

Roy Lewis, IHBC Policy Secretary, said: ‘The IHBC’s upcoming Policy Committee meeting will give the content the usual detailed consideration.

HE writes:

Historic England has… published its updated Enabling Development and Heritage Assets advice (GPA4).

Whilst the fundamental thrust of the advice remains the same as in the previous (2008) document – now superseded – the new advice reflects the relevant policy in the National Planning Policy Framework. We hope that, like its predecessor document, it will prove useful to the heritage sector in identifying the particular special circumstances where enabling development might be justified.’

For more background and to download the document see the website

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