Scotland’s ‘interactive’ mediation survey closes 21 August

Section 40 of Scotland’s new Planning Act requires the Scottish Ministers to issue guidance on mediation in planning, so Scottish Mediation and PAS have published an interactive survey outlining some ideas, closing Friday 21st August 2020.

The survey partners write:

Thank you for opening this survey on mediation in planning. We are excited to hear from you regarding your ideas around how best to embed mediation into the Scottish planning system.

By way of background, in July 2019 the Planning (Scotland) Act gained Royal Assent, bringing in a range of reforms to the planning system. Notably, the new Act introduces mediation into the Scottish planning system for the first time, stating that ‘Scottish Ministers may issue guidance in relation to the promotion and use of mediation’ (Planning (Scotland) Act 2019, Section 40) for a range of planning situations. Work is now ongoing to determine the appropriate means of taking mediation forward within the Scottish Planning System and considering how this could work in practice.

The legislation requires Ministers to prepare guidance on the promotion and use of mediation by July 2021. PAS and Scottish Mediation have been asked by the Scottish Government to develop some proposals on how this could be taken forward. This interactive survey is an opportunity for you to contribute to these proposals.

Read more and access the survey….

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