Church Monuments Society biennial prize Essay competition

The Council of the Church Monuments Society is offering a biennial prize of £500 for its Monuments Essay Prize, to be awarded with a certificate for the best essay submitted in the relevant year, with the next closing date for new entries of 31 December 2020.

Church Monuments Society writes:

The aim of the competition is to stimulate people, particularly those who may be writing on church monuments for the first time, to submit material for the peer-reviewed international CMS journal Church Monuments. Therefore, the competition is open only to those who have not previously published an article in Church Monuments.

The subject of the essay must be an aspect of church monuments of any period in Britain or abroad. The length (including notes) shall not exceed 10,000 words and a maximum of 10 illustrations, preferably in colour. The prize will only be awarded if the essay is considered by the judges to be of sufficiently high standard to merit publication in Church Monuments.

The closing date for new entries is 31 December 2020.

For more details and how to enter – read more….

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