Planning Portal on ‘New Prior Approvals’ and Use Class changes

The Planning Portal has outlined how recent legislative updates from Government introduce a further 6 specific types of permitted development (each requiring a ‘Prior Approval’ application), set a fee to most of the new prior approval application types, and usher in significant changes to how uses are classified.

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The Planning Portal writes:

We will be providing PDF forms to allow Prior Approval to be applied for where proposals fall under the new permitted development rights and work to integrate these into our online services going forward.

We have also updated our consolidated fee schedule to cover the introduction of the fee that applies to Prior Approval applications for new dwellinghouses.

Where the changes to use classes affect our planning information, application forms and services, we are updating content to account for them…..

New Prior Approval application types

This year’s second and third sets of amendments to English Permitted Development legislation introduces rights (from 31 August 2020) and a requirement to apply for Prior Approval for:

  • Upward extension of existing dwellinghouses (additional storeys)
  • Demolition of existing buildings to replace with new dwellinghouses
  • New dwellinghouses in additional storeys on terraced and detached buildings in commercial or mixed use or in use as dwellinghouses

We are currently producing fillable PDF forms to allow relevant Prior Approval applications. These will shortly be available from our downloadable forms section.

They also provide minor updates for the previously introduced right and application type for new dwellinghouses in additional storeys on detached blocks of flats. We are updating the existing form to account for these.

A fee is also being introduced (from 2 September 2020) for all Prior Approval applications that cover the rights to create new dwellinghouses. We have updated our consolidated fee schedule to include reference to this.

Changes to Use Classes

Wholesale legislative changes determining how uses of buildings and land in England are classified will take effect (with certain transitional procedures and periods) from 1 September 2020…..

In making these changes, Government has also introduced a ‘material period’ that runs from 1 September 2020 until 31 July 2021 meaning that, for all the current Permitted Development rights (including those detailed above), the Use Classes in place up to the end of August 2020 will remain in effect until the end of this period. This also applies to any existing direction that restricts these rights.

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