ADDC Architects latest practice to join IHBC’s HESPR register of service providers working to IHBC standards

logoADDC Architects, a small practice in Derbyshire specialising in planning and heritage work, is the latest company join the IHBC’s ‘HESPR’ quality assured network – our heritage business listing connecting client needs & heritage expertise – now numbering nearly 50 services that work to standards expected by the IHBC.

    • Weekly Tender alerts…

    • One free IHBC Jobs etc posting…

Mike Wood, Director and HESPR DSA for the company said: ‘We are delighted to be joining the IHBC’s HESPR conservation business quality assurance network.  We see this as a very useful and appropriate tool for anyone looking to employ a professional working within the heritage environment.

‘Already we have found the service to be authoritative and informative as befitting an essential reference point.’

‘…a very useful and appropriate tool…’

HESPR companies enjoy benefits and support including

  • Cost-effective business support with fees tailored to suit all needs, from sole traders to international operators
  • Recognition of service standards and quality assurance on our ‘HESPR’ web page and service listing
  • Free listings in the IHBC’s Yearbook
  • Weekly Tender alerts: Bulletins of work opportunities across the UK and beyond, often posting more than £500k of costed work per issue, as well as relevant current news selections
  • HESPR webpages and search facility on the IHBC’s HESPR website
  • National and local recognition of conservation and heritage service quality assurance and standards
  • One free IHBC Jobs etc posting each year, worth up to £450.

‘…authoritative and informative as befitting an essential reference…’

The IHBC writes:

Quality assurance for HESPR listing is strictly controlled through the employment a Full IHBC member – the ‘Designated Service Adviser’ (DSA) – in a role that allows them to take professional responsibility for the service standards offered to clients. This means that the IHBC can ensure that our members are in a reasonable position to offer their assurance of the quality of the conservation services.  As such the DSA should be the first port of call for any concerns over work carried out by a HESPR company.

You can find the ‘Designated Service Adviser’ (DSA) listed on the dedicated HESPR business webpage and on the list of accredited practitioners linked from the IHBC’s homepage.’

See more on ADDC Architects on the HESPR website

For more on HESPR and the full member listing, as well as how to become a HESPR member see

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For more background on HESPR members’ weekly ‘News and tender alerts’ see weekly ‘taster’ postings on the IHBC’s NewsBlogs.

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