Interested in the IHBC’s new governance and proposed Articles, and want to know more? ‘Just ask the IHBC’, in one of our new live, online discussion events

The IHBC is opening a programme of membership-wide, on-line discussions beginning with the next steps in our modernised governance, as new ‘Articles’ are proposed for adoption at the 2020 AGM on 3 December (#IHBCAGM2020), so if you have queries to explore with us, ‘Just ask the IHBC’: start by sending us preferred times and queries, and we’ll sort a programme offering the best available officers to answer your questions.

‘…we’re opening online discussions…’

IHBC President Mike Brown, who will Chair the 2020 AGM, said: ‘After a long period of review and deliberation, I am delighted that we are now ready to recast our governance – through new ‘Articles’ being proposed for adoption by Special Resolution in December – in line with the plan agreed at the 2019 AGM, the ‘Proposal for future governance of the Institute’.’

…ready to recast our governance – through new ‘Articles’…

‘We have had a huge amount of invaluable help from our legal advisers in drawing up the new ‘Articles’.  I am particularly pleased to be able to confirm that these reflect not only the specific terms of those ‘Proposals…’ from 2019, but also their spirit, and that of the ‘IHBC+’ programme that inspired them.’

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Trustees are keen to make sure all members remain informed and fully supportive as we take the next step in delivering the changes agreed in the 2019 AGM.  So now we’re opening online discussions with those officers best able and most available to answer queries and questions, and at the times that suit most members most.’

‘…get the right IHBC officers in place for the queries…’

‘If you have points to explore about our new governance, or questions on the Articles themselves, we want to do all we can to address them, and as efficiently as possible for all of course.’

‘So the first step for members – especially Full Members (including Retired), as the only category allowed to vote – is simply to SIGN UP (and we’ll do our best to get the right IHBC officers in place for the queries and times that suit most.’

‘Remember too that numbers will be limited, while some aspects may need more specialist advice, so best get your times in as early as possible.’

‘Of course if as a voting member you are already content to support the ‘Articles’ as drafted, then all you need do is be sure to support the resolution either at the AGM, or by proxy in advance.’

‘The detailed arrangements are still being planned, but we will get the arrangements out on our NewsBlogs as soon as we can.’

‘…support the resolution either at the AGM, or by proxy…’


See the Articles being proposed to the online 2020 AGM on 3 December, for adoption by Special Resolution, and the full background summary HERE

For more background see Newsblog 1 and NewsBlog 2

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