DCMS report: ‘Productivity and the Arts, Heritage and Museums Sectors’

Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has published a report that sets out a conceptual framework for understanding and reviews the evidence base around productivity in the arts, heritage and museum sectors.

…70 studies considered with 50 included in the final assessment.

GOV.UK writes:

DCMS commissioned Frontier Economics to investigate how DCMS’s interventions in the arts, heritage and museums (AHM) sectors can bring about productivity improvements, not only in these sectors, but also in the rest of the economy.

A theoretical framework was developed considering how investment and activities in the AHM sectors could lead to productivity gains in the AHM sectors, wider creative industries and economy as a whole. A Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) of existing studies on productivity in the AHM sectors was then carried out to identify which of the productivity channels in the theoretical framework had the strongest support in the literature. There were 70 studies considered with 50 included in the final assessment. The REA looked for evidence across three types of impact:

  • The direct productivity impact of public interventions on publicly supported AHM institutions
  • The indirect impact of interventions in the wider creative industries
  • The indirect impacts of interventions on productivity in the rest of the economy.

This report was commissioned prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and completed in February 2020.

Read more… and download Productivity and the Arts Heritage and Museum Sectors (PDF1.04MB50 pages)

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