IHBC’s latest Membership Matters out now, with ‘Good news and sad…’

IHBC members and colleagues who are signed-up to the service will have received the current issue of our Membership Matters – previously the Member Eletter– offering updates on recent trustee meetings and providing more context on our NewsBlog service updates.

The IHBC writes:

Good news and sad…

This issue covers the period of starting in June 2020, just before the 2020 Virtual School, an event recast out of the planned 2020 Brighton Annual School due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and continues to the start of October and our new financial year.

…virtual, on- line experience…

….focussed on the AGM business as originally intended.

… While the date for our rescheduled AGM has been confirmed as 3 December, trustees also agreed that it should be offered exclusively as a virtual, on- line experience, and remain focussed on the AGM business as originally intended. The 2020 AGM will now see the promotion for adoption of both the IHBC’s Corporate Plan for 2020-25 (‘CP25’), the framework for our business planning, and the new ‘Articles of Association’, the foundation of our modernised governance.

Trustees… recognised… the extensive planning and consultations that already shaped these initiatives:

  • CP25 is the logical extrapolation of more than 15 years of successfully delivered corporate plans
  • The new ‘Articles’ – drawn up by our legal advisers and overseen by trustees and the National Office – are the conclusion to more than a decade of exploring our modernisation, including the ‘IHBC+’ initiative of ‘experimental evolution’, culminating most recently with the ‘Proposal for future Governance…’, approved at our 2019 AGM

….the APPG is entitled ‘Conservation, People and Places’

Trustees also have monitored a slow but ultimately successful circumnavigation of the pandemic with the inauguration of a new MP’s All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in the face of daunting constraints. Parliament’s decision to re-cast its historic rules so that such Groups could be established online – not just in person in Westminster – finally permitted that inaugural meeting…

… the APPG is entitled ‘Conservation, People and Places’, and its aim is…:

To support built and historic environment conservation as the means to deliver successful places, which are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. This includes using heritage to help places adapt to the diverse needs of current and future communities, whilst supporting enterprise, transport connectivity, health, climate change efforts and quality of life…

As well as the more recent progress above, trustees have also maintained their usual vigilance in the oversight of how more familiar activities have been adjusting to suit these pandemic-plagued times: the 2020 Virtual School of course, but also a spectacularly popular of Context, examining aspects of the ‘War on Damp’; and our 2020 Yearbook released online even before its hard-copy circulation to support CPD at the Virtual School – and with introductions from Layla Moran, as future APPG Chair, as well as Griff Rhys Jones no less!

Good news seldom stands alone however, and trustees also noted some of the more tragic news in recent years, the untimely demise of David Lovie – our Past President but also so much more. Inevitably this un-endingly busy conservation professional continued, right to the end, to advise and plan with the many communities he helped shape. So it was especially painful that he did not live to hear of his successful nomination for the MARSH Award for ‘Community Contributions by a Retired Member of the IHBC’….

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