If IHBC, then please forward: HE survey on work-based training in heritage construction in the North of England, closing 31/10

logoHistoric England has recently commissioned a short research project focussed on the North of England to explore skills and training in heritage construction from firms’ own perspective, and IHBC members are asked to pass on to networks that work on traditional (pre-1919 buildings), with the survey closing 12 noon on 31 October.

…seeking views from construction firms…in the North of England…

HE writes:

Historic England is looking to increase its understanding of work-based training in heritage construction. We are seeking views from construction firms that have worked on traditional (pre-1919 buildings) in the North of England in the past five years on:

  • Recent experiences (if any) of employing apprentices and/or providing work-based training
  • The opportunities and barriers around using new training standards to address the skills shortages facing the sector
  • The capacity of the sector to offer work-based training opportunities in conservation building crafts
  • Long-term demand for and capacity to employ individuals skilled in conservation building crafts on completion of their training

We are particularly keen to understand what support firms might need to increase their capacity to provide training, whether through funding or developing new training models.

This survey should only take 5-7 minutes to complete.

This survey is being managed independently by Harlow Consulting. If you have any questions about this email or the survey, please contact Clare Vokes cvokes@harlowconsulting.co.uk

See the survey here

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