… Fiscal and Funding Priorities 2020 report launch by THA

logoThe Heritage Alliance (THA) has published a new version of its key document on funding, Backing the Bedrock: Fiscal and Funding Priorities 2020.

Backing the Bedrock notes:

… Heritage is economic; it is green; it is for everybody.

England’s heritage industry is valuable. It produces a total GVA of £31 billion and provides over 464,000 jobs . Heritage tourists spend £17bn each year at our sites. In 2018, heritage-related construction activities generated £7.1 billion in GVA in England employing over 100,000 people.

Heritage is popular. More people volunteer in our sector each year than live in Sheffield. There were 616,000 heritage volunteers in England in 2016, which was 5.7% of all volunteers in the country3. 99% of people in England live within a mile of a listed place and 80% of people think local heritage makes living in their area better…

Download the report

To join the Alliance’s ‘Funding and Investment’ Advocacy Group, please contact Delphine at development@theheritagealliance.org.uk.

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