IHBC’s features ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Salford’s green spaces protected in the courts – again

fields and treesSalford City Council is celebrating after another victory in the courts to protect Salford’s green spaces.

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…cannot build 600 new homes at Broadoak in Worsley.

…third time Peel Land and Property has taken this to court…protect this land as a green lung…

Salford City Council writes:

The Court of Appeal has upheld a decision by Salford City Council that Peel Land and Property cannot build 600 new homes at Broadoak in Worsley.

The original decision not to allow homes on the land was made by Salford City Council in 2013. Peel Land and Property has since taken a challenge back to the courts three times.

The greenfield site is a mixture of woods, meadows and open land and stretches from Monton Green to Worsley Road, and is protected by policies in the city’s Unitary Development Plan.

The creation of the Worsley Greenway was down to the vision of Ben Wallsworth, aged 100, the former chairman of Salford’s planning committee. He was awarded the freedom of the city last year and has been an ardent champion of green issues in the City of Salford.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett said: “This is the third time Peel Land and Property has taken this to court and each time the council’s decision has been upheld. Each time it goes to court it wastes vital taxpayers money that could be much better spent on services that benefit local people, especially after ten years of government imposed cuts and given the current financial challenges we face as a consequence of the impacts of the COVID-19 virus.

“The decision of the council is also supported by the opposition party in Salford, Barbara Keeley MP, local campaigners and residents, who have done a fantastic job in raising awareness and putting the case across.

“There is no doubt we need more homes in the city, but they need to be in the right places. We will not roll over and let developers build where they want and we must continue to do all we can to avoid planning by appeal, whilst also tackling the housing and homelessness crisis we’re facing.”

Councillor Derek Antrobus, Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development at Salford City Council said: “This is a great tribute to my predecessor former councillor Ben Wallsworth who had the foresight to protect this land as a green lung between Little Hulton and Eccles.

“We thank everyone who has campaigned to support the council’s policy and we will seek to strengthen that policy even further in future local plans.”

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