IHBC’s Virtual MATEs span local to global applicants, as membership accreditation takes to the airwaves

Having piloted a Virtual Membership Application Training Event (MATE) in May, the IHBC has now rolled out several dates for more, all of which have been filled within days of being advertised, and with targeted groups ranging from antipodean applicants to South East Branch members.

Ramona Usher, IHBC’s Professional Development Officer, writes:

The first was on 24 September, and the next on 30 September, with another – led by our South East Branch – on 15 October.

‘…a range of useful information and tips…provided plenty of encouragement…’

On the 30 September we delivered the MATE session in the late evening to accommodate our growing Antipodean membership, though the timing also helped those with daytime work and personal commitments on this side of the globe.

Dan Windwood, who works for Auckland Council, New Zealand, as a Senior Built Heritage Specialist, said: ‘As an Affiliate who’s been considering the step up to full membership for many years, the Virtual MATE session provided a range of useful information and tips on how to demonstrate your competencies and select your case studies.  It also provided plenty of encouragement and I came away feeling much more confident in my ability to submit my application.’

Christopher Reynolds, recently accredited as a Full member of the IHBC, led on the organisation for the SE Branch MATE, and said: ‘The IHBC MATE session for the South-East branch was a valuable opportunity to learn about the application process and provide affiliates with more clarity over what was required to become full members. The session gave members the opportunity to discuss the sort of case studies they could use as part of the application process and consider how these related to the core competencies. It was great to see that so many members have such excellent experience and the branch hopes to provide further support through follow up sessions.’

…how these [case studies] related to the core competencies…

We are of course working with other branches to offer further events.

In addition to these ‘general’ MATEs, branch specific ones have also been arranged. Namely:

  • Yorkshire – 21 October 2020
  • South West – 4 November 2020 (TBC)
  • Scotland – 25 November 2020

Please contact Ramona Usher for further information professional@ihbc.org.uk.

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