IHBC features ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Shirehall will be sold for more money due to non-listed status, argues council leader

Shirehall’s non-listed building status will mean it will be worth more money when the site is sold, Shropshire Council’s leader has said.

By Mike White, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13951995

… the building should remain… due to its historic importance and for environmental reasons…

… we [the council] requested that Shirehall be granted a certificate of immunity from listing…

The Shropshire Star writes:

The council applied for a certificate of immunity for its current headquarters not to be listed as one of historic importance, and Historic England has recommended that the request be granted, saying it “falls just short” of the required standard.

The recommendation was met with disappointment by campaign group Save Our Shirehall and the Twentieth Century Society, who said the building should remain in the down due to its historic importance and for environmental reasons.

But council leader Peter Nutting insists it is good news for the public purse, as the council will be able to put a higher price tag on the building when it is sold.

He said: “In July 2020 councillors agreed that the council will move out of Shirehall by 2023 and move to a new civic centre in Shrewsbury town centre, and we are now working on plans to vacate and sell the building and surrounding site.

“As part of this work we requested that Shirehall be granted a certificate of immunity from listing, as this will enable the council to explore a range of future options and obtain the best value for the site.

“Historic England has now concluded that Shirehall does not meet the criteria for listing. I welcome this decision as it will mitigate the risk of the building and site being left without occupiers and/or use for a prolonged period of time.

“This is also good news for the public purse. This decision will mean the site is worth more money….

“Changing fire regulations post-Grenfell also mean that there are now significant restrictions in the use of the building. And making Shirehall fit for future use would require a multi-million pound investment.” [he said]

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