Equality at the Heart of HES: Our Equality Outcomes Consultation: Ends 30/11

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has launched a consultation to help shape it’s Equality Outcomes for 2021-25, which closes on 30 November.

… We have developed our?activity?with equality and diversity in mind…

… consulting directly with organisations and charities…

HES writes:

Your views will help shape our Equality Outcomes for 2021-25. These will replace our?2017-21 Equality Outcomes.

Completing this consultation survey will take you at least 25 minutes. Thank you for taking this time to share your views with us.


We have developed our?activity?with equality and diversity in mind.?This has influenced??Heritage for All, our current Corporate Plan,?with its focus on ‘making a real difference to?people’s?lives’.?Our progress so far is outlined in our?Mid-Term Equality Outcomes Report 2019.

We are setting our new Equality Outcomes during a global pandemic.?The effect of Covid-19 has highlighted?the social and?personal inequalities?across?wider?society as well as for??groups with protected characteristics.

This year, the events surrounding Black Lives Matter have?achieved ?a?breakthrough?response,?with?many public and private sector organisations?committing to?addressing racism and?re-evaluating their employment?practice.?You can read our initial response on our website.

Why We Are Consulting

The Equality Act 2010?requires all public bodies, including Historic Environment Scotland (HES) to publish Equality Outcomes at least every four years. These?demonstrate where we want to be?in relation to equality and diversity?as both a?provider of direct services to the?public?and?an employer.

We want to?hear from?people?with a variety of?life and personal experiences. By sharing your views,?you?can?help us set out our organisational equality plan?and commit to?actions which make a real difference to people’s lives.

Along with this survey, we are also consulting directly with organisations and charities that support people who are protected within the terms of the equality legislation. We value the engagement of?our?employee equality networks?towards our consultation?and subsequent delivery.

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