IHBC’s November CPD Circular now out: Accessible cross-sector listing, including IHBC’s AGM CPD with Griff Rhys Jones too!

IHBC’s November CPD Circular has been issued, highlighting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities across the sector, and this month features an IHBC ‘members-only’ free opportunity – our AGM CPD, with a special pre-AGM feature from Griff Rhys Jones.

The IHBC writes:

…CPD opportunities and more… with IHBC’s 2020 AGM (3/12/20) and Griff Rhys Jones too!…

As part of the IHBC’s commitment to providing our members and their networks with up to date information on continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and information, this monthly service includes upcoming Branch and National Events, CPD opportunities, Awards, Placements, Bursaries & Scholarships, Calls for Papers and more from across the UK and beyond.

…physical interaction of traditional events can be balanced in part by increased accessibility…

A busy Autumn continues to offer many virtual CPD and training events put on by our Branches, IHBC Recognised CPD Providers as well as others across our networks. Interestingly too, organisations – including ourselves – are much more comfortable producing webinars. And what these can lack in the physical interaction of traditional events can be balanced in part by increased accessibility they offer.

That accessibility will be a big bonus at the IHBC’s forthcoming AGM, in December. Usually attendance is restricted by the Annual School’s location, but from 6.00pm on 3 December, and for the first time, our AGM will be delivered in a virtual environment. Though uniquely accessible and free, this has to be an IHBC member-only event (all categories though), and advance booking will be essential.

Filmed introductions from 5.30pm will lead up to the AGM itself, exploring future Schools (Brighton 2021 and Aberdeen 2022), and – as currently planned – a stimulating personal take from Griff Rhys Jones on current heritage issues. These will all inform our own plans, including our new role as Secretariat to the equally new Conservation, Places & People All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), and we anticipate lots of questions on such plans after the AGM.

… accessibility will be a big bonus at the IHBC’s forthcoming AGM, in December…

So be sure to participate if you are currently an IHBC member of any category (or Join if not). Only Full and Retired members may vote at the AGM, as they rule on big new resolutions on governance and corporate planning, while voting by proxy in advance is encouraged too, if more convenient.

For more background information see the NewsBlogs and, when launched, a new and dedicated AGM web page. That page will carry details on programme, booking, and AGM business, and when ready will be linked as a ‘Feature’ item from our new-styled Home Page.

Each issue of our CPD Circular also includes listings for:

  • IHBC Recognised CPD Provider Events
  • IHBC Network Events
  • Awards, Placements, Bursaries & Scholarships, and Calls for Papers

Please email our Professional Services Officer, Michael Netter, at services@ihbc.org.ukwith any queries, comments, or to find out how to promote your own events.

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