IHBC’s pre-AGM event is free (IHBC members only; 5.30 on, 03/12), and you can donate to the IHBC CREATIVE Conservation Fund on application… or after, if you missed it!

general people imageIf lucky enough to be an IHBC member (any category) and able to join the IHBC’s 2020 AGM and free pre-AGM proceedings from 5.30PM on 3 December – with a filmed welcome from Griff Rhys Jones and School updates –you can also donate to the new IHBC CREATIVE Conservation Fund, our dedicated fund exclusively delivering on the IHBC’s charitable activities.

… opportunity to donate on signing up for the AGM…

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Some might have missed the opportunity to donate on signing up for the AGM programme due to a glitch, and we’ve correct that.  But if you do want to make a donation anyway, just go to our CREATIVE Conservation Fund page and donate from there.

‘Of course the full programme is free, as we recognise the economic pressures faced by so many members and supporters, but if you do want to make a donation now, just CLICK HERE

Find the fund page fast at creativeconservationfund.ihbc.org.uk or use the dropdown list from our ‘Resources’ on the IHBC’s Home Page.

For more background to the fund see the NewsBlog

For more details on the 2020 AGM and to book see the webpage

For more on the importance of completing proxy votes see the NewsBlog

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