Don’t forget: Vote by proxy even if joining in the IHBC’s 2020 AGM: ‘Help the IHBC move past the pandemic’ with our historic modernisation!

ALL IHBC members with a say at the online AGM on 3 December are called on to vote in advance ‘by proxy’, even if attending – votes during the AGM take precedence, so these can be changed on the day – and ‘help the IHBC move past the pandemic’ by modernising our governance and planning our future.

…urged to vote ‘by proxy’ in advance, even if attending…

…the simplest of processes…

The IHBC’s 2020 AGM will consider important new resolutions on modernising governance and corporate planning. Full and Retired IHBC members are entitled to vote, and are urged to vote ‘by proxy’ in advance, even if attending, as votes in the meeting can supersede the proxy where required:

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Creating a proxy with the us can be the simplest of processes, with details on our AGM webpage.  So please make sure you vote, and help the IHBC move past the pandemic.’

See more AGM background

See more on proxy voting

For more details and to book your place at the AGM see the webpage

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