IHBC’s new Context looks to the future while making history!  Oxford themed and introduced by local MP and new CPP APPG Chair, Layla Moran

The latest issue (no. 166) of the IHBC’s membership journal Context is now out, with historic firsts including a new approach that focusses on the future of an historic city – Oxford – and boasts an introduction by Layla Moran MP, Chair of the new APPG on Conservation, People and Places, (CPP APPG) which has the IHBC as its Secretariat and has also launched its first Inquiry Call.

…Oxford as a regional centre with a local focus…

…How to deal with contested heritage …

Layla Moran writes: ‘… Context … explores Oxford as a regional centre with a local focus. But with its global profile, it is not surprising that what happens here reverberates around the world. How to deal with contested heritage has been at the forefront of our minds in Oxford as we have grappled with the flashpoint issue of removing the statue of Cecil Rhodes from Oriel College.’

… IHBC links to the city….Malcolm Airs, past-Chair…. and past-vice chair Emilia McDonald…  

Detailed case studies across the issue provide diverse food for thought on the Oxford theme – including other IHBC links to the city, such as, Malcolm Airs, past-Chair and more, on the voluntary sector and planning there, and past-vice chair Emilia McDonald on ‘Maintaining the buildings of Oxford University’.

…recently honoured IHBC member Jane Kennedy OBE on ‘Conserving Stowe’…

Complementary content outside the theme also reflects the strength of IHBC networks in core practice areas, including recently honoured IHBC member Jane Kennedy OBE on ‘Conserving Stowe’.

As ever, content is complemented by the usual regular features such as book reviews, reports from the IHBC Chair and Director and much more.

… co-founder of the IHBC as a professional body and charity, David Lovie

This historic issue also includes an obituary of the co-founder of the IHBC as a professional body and charity, David Lovie, by the Chair of his own North Branch, Jules Brown, and an article by Rebecca Burrows, heritage consultant and associate at Purcell about the potential implications of England’s 2020 White paper, Planning for the Future.

Articles in Issue 166 (Oxford) include:

  • Conservation, people and places in Oxford and beyond – Layla Moran MP
  • Oxford: adapt, change and grow – Tom Bridgman
  • Oxford’s impending planning disaster – Bob Colenutt
  • The voluntary sector and the planning of Oxford – Malcolm Airs
  • Reconnecting Oxford Castle – Michael Asselmeyer
  • Conserving the Hilda Besse Building – Hetti Dix
  • The next phase in the life of the Mitre – Helen Ensor
  • Intensifying development in Oxford – Gill Butter
  • Open spaces under threat- Sam Clarke
  • Maintaining the buildings of Oxford University- Emilia McDonald
  • Notes from a city of colleges -Katharine Owen
  • Conserving Stowe – Jane Kennedy
  • The new digital kids on the block – Ingval Maxwell

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Reading Context helps IHBC members develop their skills across all of the IHBC’s Areas of Competence, and so is a critical baseline in addressing priorities in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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  • Non-members: Go to the Context Archive

As ever, themed issues of Context also include more general conservation articles as well as news and reports from IHBC’s officers.

If you have any suggestions for Context articles or other material contact Mike Taylor at: editorial@ihbc.org.uk

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