DBW highlights CIAT member feature on IHBC research into LPA cuts in England

Designing Buildings Wiki (DBW) – host platform for the IHBC’s Conservation Wiki and the ‘construction industry knowledge base’ has featured the CIAT’s promotion of the IHBC’s Local Planning Authority capacity research for England.

… CIAT has reported to its members and networks the IHBC’s recent research…

…[authorities] failing in providing an adequate service…

DBW writes:

CIAT has reported to its members and networks the IHBC’s recent research into current Local Authority (LA) conservation service capacity in England, which has declined by 50% in just over a decade, and today suggests 6% of local authorities currently offer no services at all!

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘This survey demonstrates just how much local authority conservation services in England have been reduced over the last decade. Access to specialist advice decreasing by almost 50% since 2009 is a statistic that speaks for itself. If we add to that the loss of senior staff and the consequent wealth of knowledge and experience that is no longer available the overall picture is even worse.’

‘Of similar concern are those authorities that do not have access to any conservation advice. Not only are they failing in providing an adequate service, but also there must be an increased risk of Ombudsman complaints or Judicial Reviews.

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