IHBC CREATIVE Conservation Fund: Public listing of donors launched following AGM

The IHBC has launched its interim public listing of signed-up donors to the IHBC’s new CREATIVE Conservation Fund, including those who have made donations while booking for the IHBC’s 2020 AGM programme.

Jill Kerry, IHBC Treasurer, said: ‘The CREATIVE Conservation Fund is a restricted fund, managed by the IHBC, that helps us generate and distribute funds exclusively to deserving causes in built and historic environment conservation.’

… anyone can target their financial goodwill…

Donating to the Fund – or making a bequest – also means that anyone can target their financial goodwill to support those areas they most want to help.  These range across four broad areas of charitable support: for built and historic environment conservation: Celebration, Research, Education and Innovation.’

… do more to help make a real difference…

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The IHBC is the core investor in the fund, as it helps us focus on our core charitable activities.  Additional donations, however small, ensure that we can do more to help make a real difference to the future of our valued places.’

The IHBC writes:

Advantages when you donate to the IHBC’s CREATIVE CONSERVATION FUND (CCF)

  • Sustainability: The fund is underpinned by IHBC budgets tied to our own core charitable operations, so it is both sustainable and credible.
  • Efficiency: Management is embedded in the IHBC’s charitable operations – including those of our volunteers. This maximises efficiency and cost-effectiveness when making distributions and allocations.
  • Impact: The IHBC’s work and networks are uniquely well attuned to modern conservation practice in the 21st century. As the IHBC is best placed to inform the distribution of funds, donors can be sure their contributions make the biggest possible difference to conservation and its future.
  • Profile: We know that many donors in our sector prefer anonymity. However, the IHBC’s CREATIVE Conservation Fund means that you can be named as a donor on our Donors’ Page (under construction). This way donors can be thanked publicly as players in a bigger programme of charitable support for conservation objectives.


You can donate to the IHBC’s CREATIVE Conservation Fund in a variety of ways, many of which may have their value enhanced through Gift Aid, as detailed on the HMRC website:

  • One-off donations
  • As IHBC volunteers or supporters, returning expenses, typically those not otherwise claimed:
  • ‘In kind’, by offering resources, skills or spare capacity, with further details below.


If you would like to speak to us about a bequest or legacy please either:

  • Contact our Treasurer at treasurer@ihbc.org.uk to speak direct, or
  • Contact our Director at director@ihbc.org.uk to make arrangements for who you might speak to locally, or
  • Submit an online note of interest or query so that we can follow up

If you would just like to include the IHBC in your will, we would encourage you to refer to our registered charity numbers:

Registered as a Charity in England: No.1061593
Registered as a Charity in Scotland: No. SC041945

The default arrangement for bequests and other charity income will be to have them included in our general CREATIVE Conservation Fund, as discussed below.


The IHBC manages, directs and distributes funds in partnership with charities and other partners. The funds and awards include

  • IHBC Marsh Awards: The IHBC runs the Marsh Award for Community Contribution (Retired Member) and the IHBC Marsh Award for Successful Learning in Heritage Skills in partnership with the Marsh Christian Trust
  • Gus Astley Memorial Fund: We have taken on management of the Gus Astley Memorial Fund, offering its contributors a sustainable, long-term impact though maintaining the IHBC’s Annual Gus Astley Student Award.

See more on the CREATIVE Conservation Fund and follow the link there to the download public list of donors.

Donate HERE

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