IHBC launches 2021 Brighton School – #IHBCBrighton2021, 17-18 June (1 & 2 day options) including new learning-led Heritage MarketPlace #IHBCMarketPlace, from £25+VAT (early bird)

Booking is open for the IHBC’s 2021 Brighton School#IHBCBrighton2021, offering delegates from all disciplines, areas and career stages uniquely flexible and accessible certified learning (IHBC CPD)– including our new School ‘Heritage MarketPlace’ – with options over 17-18 June, and access to select services across 7+ months, including MarketPlace listings, provisional tours (Virtual School only) and innovative digital publications.

… uniquely flexible and accessible certified learning…

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘It’s great to be see the IHBC’s South East Branch network and their colleagues offer so many new learning opportunities in the face of adversity.  They are warmly congratulated!’

‘Not only do we have our innovative Heritage MarketPlace, bringing together delegates’ learning, services and suppliers, but we will offer suites of practice-led webinars exploring and interrogating School themes.  Hopefully these will be expanded even further with on-site tours later in 2021 – subject to the pandemic and, necessarily, open to Virtual School delegates only.  We also have a remarkable learning partnership in the making with the Pevsner Buildings of England programme, and its host, Yale University Press, so our warmest thanks are offered there too’.

… delighted to offer our appreciation to … MFL Affinity…. Principal School Sponsor…

Finally, we are delighted to offer our appreciation to another long-standing partner of the IHBC, MFL Affinity, who we can formally now welcome as Principal School Sponsor for 2021

IHBC 2021 South East Branch School Committee Chair, architect Jo Saady said: ‘It’s been very exciting for the Branch to develop new ways of working in response to all the current challenges, but it’s not been easy.’

… adapting to our post pandemic world…

‘The committee has been very positive about the continuing changes and variables, from looking at potential tours to exploring practice-focussed content most suited to webinar formats.  We are all adapting to our post pandemic world but are still focussed on examining in detail the final title – ‘Historic Places – People Places’ – and all of our responses to how heritage, community and place overlap.

‘The Committee and Branch are all looking forward to this School providing the opportunity to gather together old and new members and colleagues from all four corners of the world, so do please book your place now!’

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘Our MarketPlace is, undoubtedly, the most substantial ‘virtual’ re-cast from a traditional School experience – as described elsewhere on our NewsBlogs

… new and special partnership with the distinguished ‘Pevsner’ Buildings of England programme supported by Yale University Press…

‘However the most innovative approach that delegates can experience this year comes from a new and special partnership with the distinguished ‘Pevsner’ Buildings of England programme supported by Yale University Press.  That partnership, arranged through Charles O’Brien, Pevsner series editor, Historic England Commissioner and now also Local Listing Heritage Adviser to Government, has helped the IHBC develop a new way for delegates to discover, understand and enjoy places in the face of the pandemic.’

‘These new resources often will be tied also to the National Heritage List for England’s own digitally available descriptions and linked services, to encourage active engagement by all users.  We’ll release these resources in stages via the NewsBlogs as the School content and programme evolves, and responds to wider changes in pandemic-prescribed practices and content.’

… we cannot thank enough all the players that help…

‘Of course we cannot thank enough all the players that help develop this wide-ranging support for heritage and conservation learning and practice.  Without that dedication – and with so much led by members of the IHBC – the institute’s Brighton School, and all its support for Continuing Professional Development across and beyond the sector, simply would not be possible.’

The IHBC writes:

The IHBC’s Brighton 2021 School is a centre of understanding and learning in the care and management of places for people.

Flexible and accessible delegate options that may extend up to 3 days, and more, of:

  • Diverse learning resources and opportunities
  • Events, live and virtual and – where viable – on-site and in-person and
  • New practice-based insights in our learning-led Heritage MarketPlace, including access to expert advice, services, advocacy and networks, challenging opinion while stimulating practical solutions.

…Low fees …. Brighton School-themes group tour options …

School features:

  • Low fees from £25 (IHBC Members, ‘Early Bird’ Day School, 18 June) + VAT
  • Diverse and varied learning opportunities and support, including:
  • Leading expertise and challenging opinions, across a variety of virtual, webinar, guidance and learning formats
  • Learning-led School Heritage MarketPlace, with access to select lead practitioners, advisors, services and advocates, including 1-to-1 opportunities
  • Lunch with the IHBC, an informal lunch – online and virtual -exploring the past and future of conservation practice and the IHBC
  • Innovative digital resources supporting self-directed site visits and tours linked to School content
  • On-site Brighton School-themed group tour options provisionally planned for a Saturday in Autumn 2021 with details to be confirmed in June.  Numbers strictly limited, and open to Virtual School delegates only.   All subject to pandemic guidance, viability and cancellation.
  • Delegates’ ‘Questions and observations’ resource to guide content and discussions prior to School’s opening, with fees reimbursed to session chair’s ‘Best submission’ (chair’s discretion and decision final).
  • IHBC CPD certification

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