IHBC’s ‘members only’ first new Council: Free online CPD and a chance to shape our future – 26 March, from c.1.45pm (after the General Meeting)

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘Trustees have decided to take early advantage of our new constitutional arrangements to host together the first General Meeting of 2021 and our first new Council, with both open and free to IHBC members of all categories.’

Register for FREE for the March 26 2021
General Meeting AND/OR Council

… General Meeting will be followed by an open Council meeting…

IHBC President Mike Brown said: ‘The General Meeting will be followed by an open Council meeting – again with members of all categories encouraged to attend where possible.’

… hear from new and recent members…

‘The Council will focus on the broad challenges faced in supporting our currently practicing and future members, and how we can best respond under our new and evolving constitutional framework.’

‘Over the short afternoon programme, we will hear from new and recent members in particular, and use their input to explain and explore the new role for the Council under our newly adopted and modernised constitution.’

For more details on the General Meeting and Council, and to book, see the webpage

For more background see the NewsBlogs of  2 March and 19 Feb

Delegates attending will be offered CPD certificates on request.

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