HEF-HE Heritage Recovery Plan launched

England’s Historic Environment Forum (HEF) with Historic England (HE) has compiled a Heritage Recovery Plan looking forward to the period from April 2021 as the latest national lockdown comes to an end.

…re-opening, resilience, skills and return to growth …

…Urgent action required to enable heritage attractions…

HEF writes:

….The Plan covers four themes: re-opening, resilience, skills and return to growth with actions for Government and for the sector. The Plan was signed off by HEF at its March meeting….

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HEF/HE write in the Heritage Recovery Plan:


The structure of this plan is based on the Tourism Recovery Plan, adapted only as necessary to reflect the varied nature of heritage activity. It covers four themes, two of which (Re-opening and Resilience) are divided into two overlapping phases of urgency:

  • Immediate and short term – Now until March 2022
  • Medium and long term – September 2021 until November 2024

It also distinguishes between what the sector can do for itself and where Government intervention is required.

Theme Description
Re-opening Urgent action required to enable heritage attractions, businesses and activity to re-open/re-start safely and sustainably.
Resilience Support needed to ensure the sector returns to a sustainable state of operation.
Skills Necessary interventions to safeguard existing and replace lost sector skills.
Return to Growth Additional measures designed to ensure heritage can play its part in the country’s recovery from the pandemic.


The Plan sets out how the heritage sector with support from Government can get back on its feet and play a full part in helping the country recover from the social and economic damage caused by C-19….


The Plan is written for three audiences:

Government                 To clearly illustrate the action required from Government to                                                         support the sector.

Sector                             To establish a blueprint framework of how the sector can work                                                     together on recovery

Other Stakeholders   To alert other organisations with an interest in heritage to the                                                     role they can provide to aid recovery with appropriate support.


This plan for the recovery of the Heritage Sector in England covers both “Heritage People” and “Heritage Assets”…

Download the Heritage Recovery Plan

For more background see HEF

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