Brighton 2021 Heritage MarketPlace: #IHBCMarketPlace Free stallholder guidance sessions to ‘help you reach IHBC School delegates and networks’, with stalls from £100+VAT or less (includes Day School place)

The IHBC has commenced its support sessions for School MarketPlace stallholders and prospective stallholders, with the next free and open session on 27 April (details on request, limited spaces).

… access the IHBC’s wide networks…

… free Day School place too…

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘These sessions guide School Heritage MarketPlace stallholders – both booked and prospective – on how to make access the IHBC’s wide networks, all at a hugely competitive fee that also includes a free place at our Day School.

‘Stallholders also access get a unique promotional and networking web link – the IHBC’s is at – to promote services and stall across all our networks!’

… session is the perfect way to make the most of the opportunities…

‘Using a ‘virtual’ a model that mimics an extended MarketPlace stall session, this session is the perfect way to make the most of the opportunities that the pandemic – in its unique way – has opened to make connections across our sector.’

‘Stallholders also get a free Day School place too, alongside the all the technical and promotional support to guide School delegates and users – as prospective clients and members – to their stalls.’

… a dedicated stall web presence – until October 2021…

The wider public that the suite of MarketPlace resources can reach through a dedicated stall web presence – until October 2021 at least –  ensures profile and access outside the School event.

‘The next stall session is on 27 April so if you are interested just contact the MarketPlace team at to note your interest in a free session place’.

‘We will show how MarketPlace stallholders can promote services and messages to our networks, both to our School delegates and also far beyond.  A stallholder can also join in the Brighton Day School experience and networks at no extra cost too!’

‘This is also an IHBC CPD certified programme, so you can be sure you are making good use of the time even if you don’t take a stall.’

… links to the IHBC’s Brighton 2021 School which offers the core network of MarketPlace visitors…

The IHBC writes in its Stallholder session guidance:

The IHBC’s Heritage MarketPlace uses a learning-led’ approach that values personal networking alongside service and advocacy insights in a single IHBC CPD-certified experience in the IHBC’s Brighton School.

  • See links from the MarketPlace homepage at, including:
    • links to the IHBC’s Brighton 2021 School which offers the core network of MarketPlace visitors
    • the sample stallholder listing for the IHBC, using our stall promotional and networking link at As a stallholder get your own UNIQUE stall link to promote your services and stall to our networks and yours!
    • If you are not familiar with IHBC events, please review our preliminary delegate profiles.
    • Keep up to date on IHBC School and MarketPLace developments by signing up to our NewsBlogs HERE

MarketPlace Stallholder Actions: As easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Book your stall, at the Heritage MarketPlace in the IHBC’s Brighton 2021 School, checking (and monitoring) your stall listing for as long as it is ‘live’, probably until October 2021.
  2. Promote your stall… using your unique ‘Stall promotional and networking link’, supplied with each booked stall
  3. Plan your 30-min stall content, so it is most likely to attract the School delegates and other public users you want to reach
  4. Set up your stall, using the free Zoom service
  5. Manage your stall listing as your public ‘Billboard’, so it offers the most current information on what you offer
  6. Book your (optional) FREE IHBC 2021 Day School place
  7. Open your stall, four times, on 18 June, making the most of all opportunities to build your networks and client or user base
  8. Follow up on your stall, after the School, using the contacts and networks gained at the MarketPlace…

See more on:

Contact the MarketPlace team at

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