IHBC’s DRAFT Council Minutes now issued, as IHBC President asks: ‘What do you think should happen?’ on chartering, new council structures and more…

The IHBC has posted working draft minutes of the recent Council meeting – the first under our new Articles – to help promote debate and input on the question raised by the IHBC President – and new IHBC Council Chair: ‘What do you think should happen?’, on chartering, new council structures and more.

… your Council and it’s your Institute…

… put forward your views on…. the make-up and potential future functions of Council… applying for Chartered status…

Mike Brown, President of the IHBC, said: ’Following on from the many valuable contributions to our highly successful first Council meeting on 26 March, under our new constitution, may I repeat my call to members to engage with our planning, especially those who were unable to attend.’

‘We want you to put forward your views on the make-up and potential future functions of Council, as well as the ‘hot topic’ of our moving towards applying for Chartered status.’

‘You can email me your thoughts at president@ihbc.org.uk, and help kick-start thinking on these two important issues. Just click on this link to the Council minutes below. These, usefully, give a detailed account of the opening debates and issues’.

‘It’s your Council and it’s your Institute, so what do you think should happen? Do let us know. I look forward to a ‘heated debate’ over the next few months’.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘We’ve advanced very far since the heady days of 2014, when we first devised new tools of governance to test through our now-historic IHBC+ initiative.’

‘Now, with our modernised Articles adopted last December, we are continuing our calls for suggestions as we examine our new challenges.’

‘Also, we want to hear thoughts on how best to consult on these matters. We are always quick to learn lessons, and we need to be sure we hear from our ‘hard-to-reach’ members just as much as those who are our strongest supporters’.

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