#IHBCBrighton2021 Day School ‘catch up’: ‘Making changes’, anchored by Jan Gehl; ‘Examining changes’, led by Donovan Rypkema – BOOK NOW to ensure your access to our School’s unique learning and resources

The IHBC has posted the latest update on its virtual Brighton Day School virtual sessions, which offer a one-time-only suite of expertise on our ‘People Places’ theme – though as numbers and post-event access are limited, delegates should secure their place now by booking as soon as possible!

Donovan Rypkema … lead heritage economist in the US…

Jan Gehl … globally respected urbanist…

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ’The Brighton Day School’s line-up for 18 June offers a one-off take on the 2021 School’s headline themes around ‘Historic Places: People Places’.

… how we improve places for people…

The first of the Day School’s two sessions will examine connections between how we improve places for people – focussed on design, regeneration and investment.

The second, afternoon session looks at how different strategies inform and shape outcomes, from using economic models to bringing people to the forefront through new local listing and regulatory approaches.

‘But be sure to book now if you want to secure your place as we have strict limits on numbers, especially given the need to maintain the delegate experience supported by our small technical team.’

‘Also, the only way to be sure of benefitting from the full suite of School learning on offer – including access to the post-School resources such as videos, reports and guides – is as a School Delegate, as some have to be restricted to delegates.  So even if you cannot attend, the low fee is still worth it for the access to our CPD and School resources!

Jo Saady, Chair of the IHBC’s South East Branch Committee behind the schools said: ‘This year the Friday Day School’s range of topics – with their focus on design, regeneration, economics and review – really illustrates what can be done to make our historic places ‘people places’.

‘This is particularly pertinent as we pull away from the pandemic and can see where opportunities lie in the future.’

… even if you cannot attend, the low fee is still worth it for the access to our CPD and School resources…

The IHBC writes:

Brighton Day School Webinar Sessions: 18 June 2021

  • Morning: 9.30-11.30 BST
  • Afternoon: 3.30-5.30 BST

Chair David McDonald, IHBC Chair
Interlocutor: Rosemarie McQueen, Historic England Commissioner

IHBC’s 2021 virtual ‘Day School’ examines how we can best change and sustain places for the benefit of people, led by expert practitioners boasting international, national and local profiles and experiences.

Presentations and discussions look at how we can make better ‘People Places’ out of the places we have, from the most functional to the most historic.

  • The Morning Session looks at tools and strategies used to improve places, notably DESIGN, REGENERATION and INVESTMENT, and how everyone can play a role in framing those changes.
  • The Afternoon Session explores the lessons that can be learned as people engage in changing places by assessing impacts from ECONOMIC measures as well as in INVESTIGATION and REGULATION.


International Session ‘Anchor’:

Jan Gehl: Topic area – DESIGN
Jan will open and anchor the morning session.  Jan is a globally respected urbanist, based in Denmark, whose early activity as a conservation architect and heritage enthusiast shaped a radical agenda of ‘planning for people’.


Paul McTernan: Topic Area – REGENERATION
Paul is planner/urbanist with specialist knowledge in strategic planning, tourism & regeneration, masterplanning and more, and an authority on regeneration, with substantial experience of private/public regeneration partnerships.

Eilish McGuinness Topic Area – INVESTMENT
Eilish is the UK Heritage Fund’s ‘Executive Director, Business Delivery’, and has extensive experience of all aspects of heritage investment, including National Lottery and Government funding, from programme design to grant giving at all levels.  The Fund is the biggest heritage investor in the UK and heritage, people and communities lie at the core of all its funding.


International Session Anchor:

Donovan Rypkema: Topic area – ECONOMICS
Donovan is the lead heritage economist in the US.  He is Principal of PlaceEconomics, the Washington, D.C.-based real estate and economic development-consulting firm, and President of its sister-company, Heritage Strategies International, which operates outside the US.  Donovan and his team networks have a formidable global reputation for cutting-edge work.


Charles O’Brien: Topic Area: INVESTIGATION
Charles is long familiar to many as the series editor of Yale’s Pevsner Architectural Guides. That role inspired his appointment in the pivotal role of Local Listing Heritage Adviser to England’s planning ministry (MHCLG), part of a wider government agenda to ‘to overhaul England’s planning system’. Charles was until recently a Commissioner for Historic England.

Elizabeth McCrone: Topic Area – REGULATION
Elly was previously Head of Designations at Historic Environment Scotland (HES), and has recently been made responsible for the Heritage Directorate there, which leads in providing advice, policy, guidance and consent. As such, Elly is perfectly placed to draw the links between regulation and its impacts.

School Webinars: Learning and CPD Objectives
The two 2021 Brighton Day School webinar sessions span overlooked but critical stages conservation: the changes that sustain and improve places (Morning Session, on tools and ‘Interventions’), and assessing different approaches that have generated change, including through monitoring, review and reflection (Afternoon Session, on impacts and ‘Evaluation’).

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