Public Practice placements for built environment practitioners: EoI before 24 May

For public authorities across the country one of the biggest barriers is recruiting, training and retaining staff with the right skills and expertise, which the Professional Placement Programme hopes to address, with Expressions of Interest (EoI) by 24 May.

… bring diverse skills and backgrounds to fixed-term placements in progressive Authorities…

… As a not-for-profit our placements are an affordable alternative…

Professional Placement Programme writes:

…We offer placements to public organisations that share our ambitions and can demonstrate a commitment to the programme at a senior level.

We recruit and select talented, motivated and experienced built environment practitioners – Associates – who want to work for the public good. They bring diverse skills and backgrounds to fixed-term placements into progressive public sector organisations. An Authoirty submits an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a placement they want Public Practice to recruit for and it’s taken from there.

We place Associates in local or city authority, combined authorities, development corporations or publicly-led delivery vehicles, hospitals and other public bodies. Expressions of interest are welcomed from individual Authorities, from groups of more than one Authority and from individual Authorities who wish to apply for more than one role.

There are a number of ways that Public Sector bodies can fund a Public Practice Associate which could include reallocating existing revenue budget. For example, it could be possible to use budgeted funds from a vacant post to create a new position. However, placements can also be funded from outside established core revenue budgets, this could be in the form of increased income, grant funding or from insourcing services previously contracted externally. Finally, Public Practice partner with organisations that offer to fully or partially match placement funding to help make an Associate even more affordable. We are currently working with the GLA to provide fully-funded Infrastructure Coordination roles and match funded Green New Deal, Digital Access for All, High Streets for All and Helping Londoners into Good Work-related roles.

To find out more about the match or full funding options, public sector bodies need to book a call initially and submit an EOI ticking the necessary box. We also maintain an ongoing funding tracker that lists other possible sources of placement funding that local authorities are eligible to apply for. You can view this resource here.

We offer a cost-effective route for Authorities to access high-quality built environment and additional expertise. As a not-for-profit our placements are an affordable alternative to recruiting through private agencies and our R&D programme helps prepare Associates for working within local government. In addition, if you choose to keep an Associate on beyond the end of their placement we do not charge a retention fee.

Public Practice offers placements that help build the public sector’s capacity for proactive planning – in its broadest sense.

The range of roles covers the full spectrum of built environment expertise, from design to development and delivery. Every placement is different – but what they have in common is that they create additionality for the Authority, make a positive impact on society, and fit with our mission as a social enterprise. Our Associates bring a diverse range of skills, experience and backgrounds from across the built environment industry and beyond. We break this down into 15 discipline types, although in practice Associates may bridge a number of categories, or not fit squarely into anyone:

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