IHBC’s Day School Morning session spotlight on ‘Making changes’ in places’: Urbanist Jan Gehl anchors, McTernan on regen, and Lottery’s McGuinness on investment: from only £25+VAT, places limited!

The IHBC is delighted to host the globally renowned urbanist, Jan Gehl, on design, Paul McTernan, private sector regeneration planner, and the Heritage Fund’s Business Delivery executive director Eilish McGuinness at the first Brighton Day School webinar #IHBCBrighton2021 on 18 June – from only £25+VAT, and book ASAP as numbers and CPD access are limited.

… how we can make better ‘People Places’ out of the places we have…

The IHBC writes:

Brighton Day School Webinar Morning Session: 18 June 2021

…. Presentations and discussions look at how we can make better ‘People Places’ out of the places we have, from the most functional to the most historic.


 International Session ‘Anchor’…Jan Gehl: Topic area – DESIGN

… Jan is a globally respected urbanist …

Jan will open and anchor the morning session.  Jan is a globally respected urbanist, based in Denmark, whose early activity as a conservation architect and heritage enthusiast shaped a radical agenda of ‘planning for people’.

Paul McTernan: Topic Area – REGENERATION

……Paul is….an authority on regeneration…

Paul is planner/urbanist with specialist knowledge in strategic planning, tourism & regeneration, masterplanning and more, and an authority on regeneration, with substantial experience of private/public regeneration partnerships.

Eilish McGuinness Topic Area –INVESTMENT

… Eilish…. has extensive experience of all aspects of heritage investment…

Eilish is the UK Heritage Fund’s ‘Executive Director, Business Delivery’, and has extensive experience of all aspects of heritage investment, including National Lottery and Government funding, from programme design to grant giving at all levels.  The Fund is the biggest heritage investor in the UK and heritage, people and communities lie at the core of all its funding.

School Webinars: Learning and CPD Objectives

… changes that sustain and improve places… and assessing different approaches …

The two 2021 Brighton Day School webinar sessions span overlooked but critical stages conservation: the changes that sustain and improve places (Morning Session, on tools and ‘Interventions’), and assessing different approaches that have generated change, including through monitoring, review and reflection (Afternoon Session, on impacts and ‘Evaluation’).

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