IHBC’s Day School afternoon spotlight on ‘Examining changes’: US heritage economist Donovan Rypkema leads to England’s local listing adviser and Scotland’s Director of Heritage

The IHBC’s Day School afternoon webinar on 18 June– on ‘Examining changes’ in places – the IHBC hosts Donovan Rypkema, lead heritage economist in the US, with Charles O’Brien, England’s Local Listing Heritage Adviser, and Elizabeth McCrone Historic Environment Scotland‘s (HES) Heritage Directorate lead – all from only £25+VAT, but book ASAP as numbers and CPD access are limited.

… spotlight on ‘Examining changes’…

The IHBC writes:

… The Afternoon Session explores the lessons that can be learned as people engage in changing places by assessing impacts from ECONOMIC measures as well as in INVESTIGATION and REGULATION.


International Session Anchor Donovan Rypkema: Topic area – ECONOMICS

…  formidable global reputation for cutting-edge work…

Donovan is the lead heritage economist in the US.  He is Principal of PlaceEconomics, the Washington, D.C.-based real estate and economic development-consulting firm, and President of its sister-company, Heritage Strategies International, which operates outside the US.  Donovan and his team networks have a formidable global reputation for cutting-edge work.

Charles O’Brien: Topic Area: INVESTIGATION

… pivotal role of Local Listing Heritage Adviser

Charles is long familiar to many as the series editor of Yale’s Pevsner Architectural Guides. That role inspired his appointment in the pivotal role of Local Listing Heritage Adviser to England’s planning ministry (MHCLG), part of a wider government agenda to ‘to overhaul England’s planning system’. Charles was until recently a Commissioner for Historic England.

Elizabeth McCrone: Topic Area – REGULATION

… leads in providing advice, policy, guidance and consent…

Elly was previously Head of Designations at Historic Environment Scotland (HES), and has recently been made responsible for the Heritage Directorate there, which leads in providing advice, policy, guidance and consent. As such, Elly is perfectly placed to draw the links between regulation and its impacts.

School Webinars: Learning and CPD Objectives

… changes that sustain and improve places…

The two 2021 Brighton Day School webinar sessions span overlooked but critical stages conservation: the changes that sustain and improve places (Morning Session, on tools and ‘Interventions’), and assessing different approaches that have generated change, including through monitoring, review and reflection (Afternoon Session, on impacts and ‘Evaluation’).

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