IHBC welcomes joint IHBC, IEMA and CIfA ‘Principles of Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment in the UK’: Launch 20/07, 12.30-1.30

The IHBC has welcomed the launch of the first edition of the ‘Principles for Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment’, prepared jointly by the IHBC, with past Chair James Caird leading, IEMA and CIfA, which will take place on Tuesday 20 July at 12.30-1.30.

IHBC & partners write:

Cultural heritage practitioners in the UK have, for some time, recognised the need for an authoritative set of principles that would promote good practice in cultural heritage impact assessment.  This webinar launches the first edition of ‘Principles for Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment’, prepared jointly by IEMA, CIfA and IHBC.

Our cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, is all-pervasive and is encountered in a wide variety of proposals that bring about change. Assessment of the impact of a proposal on cultural heritage assets will always have to be tailored to meet the requirements of a specific project. However, as this new publication shows, there are principles and good practice that can be applied widely across the sector. The application of these principles and good practice will enable practitioners to improve the standard of their assessments, regardless of their particular specialism within the discipline.

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