IHBC online registration for ‘Recognised CPD Providers’: Reminder on signing up online, for free!

IHBC’s support for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) includes our online registration for anyone – or any organisation – seeking our free recognition service and listing for CPD providers.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘The online listing of CPD providers recognised by the IHBC offers an accessible interface between members and any organisation – private or public – that might be able offer our members and their colleagues useful CPD.  Now we are offering this online registration for current and interested ‘CPD Providers’ not already formally signed up’.

‘As an ‘IHBC Recognised CPD Provider’ you can get a webpage link from our listing to your business or service, as well as select notices of training opportunities posted on our events calendar, alongside the chance to promote yourself to IHBC members as an IHBC Recognised CPD Provider.’

‘This is a transition arrangement too, so if you are already listed on our page, but not signed up under the new system, please do register today and get your services formally linked with us.  That will help us support your training and work-experience initiatives right across the heritage, development and conservation sectors.’

logoIf you seek IHBC Recognised CPD Provider status simply fill out the online form

If you need any advice on this please contact Michael at services@ihbc.org.uk

For more background see links from the webpage

Find out more about CPD in the IHBC

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