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… classic interdisciplinary Conservation Officer-styled roles loom as large as ever…

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ‘Our recent Jobs etcservice posts capture a familiarly wide spectrum of roles that range across all the skills areas encompassed in the IHBC Areas of Competence and the Conservation Cycle.  These areas are detailed in our MATE application support sessions and guidance, and reflect the integrated model we use to assess interdisciplinary competence in line with international conservation practice standards.

Especially interesting in this round is the scale of the mainstream disciplines represented across various employers: with 5 architect/surveyors roles overlapping with 3 estate management-linked roles in private and third sectors.

For architecture and the private sector Janus is looking for a Senior Chartered Architect and Peregrine Bryant seeks an ‘experienced Conservation Architect.  At the same time the charity – and former government agency – Historic Environment Scotland seeks 2 District Architect/Surveyors, while Historic Royal Palaces a Senior Quantity Surveyor.

… conservation-specific skills sets that – like any mainstream building disciplines – have to be able to reach across interlinked management activities…

Estate-related roles this round are, perhaps not surprisingly, dominated by conservation charities.  However their substantial presence is in itself a positive sign, as they too reveal just how the skills sets of IHBC members are increasingly important in asset managers.  So English Heritage seeks its Estate Manager, the Churches Conservation Trust an Estate Officer, and the National Trust a Senior Let Estate Building Surveyor.  This last also reflects the newer interest in conservation-specific skills sets that – like any mainstream building disciplines – have to be able to reach across interlinked management activities, from surveying to management and letting.

That said, once again jobs in the public sector this month show that the classic interdisciplinary Conservation Officer-styled roles loom as large as ever.  They continue to represent a wide breadth of primary disciplines alongside their traditional conservation focus, an evolution that may now represent a ‘new norm’!

Such roles demand skills from right across the IHBC Areas of Competence and in this round are well represented by the four Conservation Officer posts at Bedford, Derby, Lancaster (Maternity Cover) and Swindon.  At the same time three more councils are calling for skills more focussed on either managing change or evaluating significance.  For the former Barnsley seeks a Project Officer while for the latter as Heritage Officers are sought for the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority (details of which have been updated) and Dover (a senior role).

…variety of posts from Church bodies and Third Sector.  These capture the success the IHBC has had in highlighting the risk management benefits of using our ‘Jobs etc.’ service…

More nuanced variations in the balance of skills are also evident in a variety of posts from Church bodies and Third Sector.  These capture the success the IHBC has had in highlighting the risk management benefits of using our ‘Jobs etc.’ service. For some time we have been prompting their trustees to manage their risks as employers through adopting the most transparent recruitment and advertising processes – including using the targeted and cost-effective service Jobs etc. service from the IHBC.  So this round it is especially gratifying to continue to see such a broad and healthy range.

No less than five Church bodies are seeking skills on our service this round, no doubt all with such risk management measures in mind.  These are all at very different levels too: the Diocese of Sheffield is calling for a Head of Church Buildings and DAC Secretary, while Church Buildings Officers are sought at Llandaff and St Albans (a Support Officer role) as London seeks a Church Building Adviser and Gloucester a Church Buildings Team Administrator.

Similarly for Charities we see two practice leadership roles that recognise the importance of the IHBC’s conservation priorities.  One, at a higher level, is the Historic Royal Palace’s Senior Project Manager, and the other, MOLA’s Project Manager – Built Heritage, will require skills that reach across heritage-related disciplines.  As ever these role profiles are reflected in government agencies, notably this round with Historic England’s call for a National Strategy Team Senior Policy Adviser (Places of Worship).

Again in this round the private sector captures well the diverse disciplines encompassed within core conservation practice.  RPS seeks an Associate Director (Archaeological), and a Director (Built Heritage) while AECOM is asking for a Senior Built Heritage Consultant.  Montagu Evans is calling for a Senior Historic Environment & Townscape Advisor and Tavernor for a Townscape and Heritage Advisor.

It is especially significant – and welcome – to see in these last two posts that ‘Townscape’, as a heritage-specific practice area, is again coming to the fore on our service.  This follows a worrying hiatus in recognition across some of England’s older heritage policy drives.  That now seems to be coming to an end, thanks in part no doubt to the marriage of actual practice demands and real skills needs offered through our Jobs etc. service.

Finally, but by no means least, continuing the private sector’s focused support and opportunities for emerging conservation professions, the Peter Stewart Consultancy’s call for a Project Assistant is an especially important addition  to the range of opportunities this round.

In summary, recent posts include those below (all with different application dates, some closed and with links inactive):

Recent Posts include:

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