Contribute a European dimension to ‘Good Urbanism Principles’ survey by 2021 MarketPlace stallholders HSI/PlaceEconomics

IHBC 2021 School MarketPlace multiple Stallholder, Heritage Strategies International, has PlaceEconomics as its American sister, with 2021 School Keynote Donovan Rypkema as its Principal, and our NewsBlog network can help contribute a European dimension to their important survey on developing ‘Good Urbanism Principles’.

‘… tell us how important you think….the principles we’ve identified as ‘Good Urbanism’ are…’

PlaceEconomics writes:

Every month PlaceEconomics conducts an online ‘PresPoll’ – a survey about issues of interest to the heritage conservation and urban quality communities. With the summer reading season upon us, this month’s PresPoll is about the qualities of good urbanism.  We’ve assembled a list of principles of urbanism for you to rank. Don’t see one that comes to mind? Add it to the open ended question! Thanks in advance for taking the PresPoll…

We are developing the PlaceEconomics Principles for Good Urbanism. We need your input to make sure we are identifying the most important variables. Please tell us how important you think each of the principles we’ve identified as ‘Good Urbanism’ are. There is also an opportunity to identify and define other principles you think should be on our list. Thanks in advance for your perspective…

Thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s PresPoll! The most recent poll asked about your Preservation Library. For a full breakdown of the responses and key takeaways [see]..

Take this month’s PresPoll here!

See (and sign up) for the the PlaceEconomics Weekly Roundup at

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