10 jobs that will help shape a zero-emissions future

A listing of 10 jobs to help shape a zero-emissions future includes ‘Home energy auditor and retrofitter’.

…top jobs we can expect in a net-zero emissions economy…… people able to roll up their sleeves….those with a desire to improve how we live, farm or shop…

Grist newsroom writes:

This story is part of the series Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia, which explores the path to low-carbon energy for British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. This project is produced in partnership with InvestigateWest and other media outlets and is supported in part by the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

If any bioregion is well-suited to streak towards a net-zero carbon emissions economy, it would seem to be Cascadia…

….But if the climate crisis is to be averted, greenhouse-gas emissions must be dramatically reduced. And Dr. Jennie Moore, who directs British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Institute Sustainability, points out that would bring big changes to the world of work.

So, The Tyee asked a dozen experts the question: What are some top jobs we can expect in a net-zero emissions economy in B.C. and, by extension, Cascadia? Everyone uses their hands, head and heart to do their jobs well. Still, we took what we heard and divided our list of into three broad categories.

Hands: Technicians and carpenters, people able to roll up their sleeves who unafraid of getting their hands dirty.

Heads: Environmental accountants and engineers who can brainstorm non-traditional fuel sources — the numbers people.

Hearts: Those with a desire to improve how we live, farm or shop can change the way things are done.

Here are some key jobs for a net-zero carbon emissions future economy that may be around the corner:

Using our hands

  1. Assembly-line home fabricator….
  2. Home energy auditor and retrofitter….
  3. Marine retrofitter….
  4. Electric vehicle technician….
  5. Environmental engineer specializing in non-traditional fuel sources….
  6. Emissions auditor….
  7. Environmental accountant….
  8. Wilderness restorer….
  9. Agroecology farmer….
  10. Circular economy retailer….

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