IHBC@COP26 looks to the future with our IHBC Affiliates: Revised membership categories to improve career support post-COP and post-pandemic

The IHBC Board has called for improved conservation practice and career support with the clarification of our Affiliate category, with upgraded status for those who ‘demonstrate an awareness of built and historic environment conservation practice’, with those not securing or seeking such recognition re-categorised under ‘supporter’-style arrangements from April 2022, with no additional costs to any!

… a programme that….will have offered IHBC Affiliates the opportunity to secure a base-line assessment of their awareness of built and historic conservation…

IHBC Chair David McDonald said: ‘Trustees have long maintained concerns about the diverse and often blurred status of our Affiliates.’

‘Affiliates can be anyone from long-standing and expert practitioners who have not elected to secure IHBC accreditation, to students happy to enjoy IHBC free ‘taster’ membership to enrich their own learning.’

‘Following a review of how to best support early career practitioners, it quickly became clear to trustees that re-casting our Affiliate category to operate as genuine career ‘stepping stone’ in conservation – rather than a catch-all for all interests – would bring the most benefit with the minimum of confusion for everyone, including clients.’

‘So we are now proposing to institute a programme that, from April 2022, will have offered IHBC Affiliates the opportunity to secure a base-line assessment of their awareness of built and historic conservation, and where appropriate, move towards a more structured career path.’

‘For current Affiliates not interested in or ready for such recognition – including those simply wanting to enjoy the remarkable benefits of the IHBC without the attendant obligations of any practice-linked membership – they can be re-located into an un-assessed category of ‘supporter’-style membership.  As ever with the IHBC, there’s no charge for changing membership category so people can move towards more formal accreditation at any time that suits, and at no cost.’

‘I appreciate that for some long-term Affiliates this may seem an unexpected change to their membership status, but we believe it to be a necessary adjustment to maintain the IHBC’s professional reputation. Should you have any concerns about this, do not hesitate to contact me direct at chair@ihbc.org.uk.

IHBC Director Sean O’Reilly said: ’The IHBC’s National Office intends to launch the new Affiliate application process in the coming weeks – so please do keep an eye out on our NewsBlogs and social media for the most current information.

‘After that, if you need to find out more, simply email us at support@ihbc.org.uk and we’ll see how best to help.’

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