IHBC responds to Call for Evidence – Review of Architectural Regulation

The IHBC has submitted its response on the government’s ‘Call for Evidence Review of Architectural Regulation’, highlighting that ‘the main issue for bodies such as IHBC was the lack of inclusivity in the fact finding process.’

Responding to the consultation by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities the IHBC called for greater knowledge and understanding of historic building conservation in architectural training at all levels.

…lack of inclusivity in the fact finding process….

Whilst many useful issues may be addressed by the review the main issue for bodies such as IHBC was the lack of inclusivity in the fact finding process.

The IHBC writes: ‘We are concerned that the nature of this consultation is primarily directed at architects.    The detailed questions about skills and knowledge are only accessible to architects.  The issues the review considers should be addressed by other built environment professionals to give a full picture of the current situation from all perspectives, not just that of architects.  Without that evidence, or the perspective this gives, the review cannot produce meaningful and useful reform.’

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The Consultations Panel
The IHBC constantly monitors Government Departments and other national and regional organisations for relevant proposed changes to legislation, policy and guidance. The Consultations Panel formulates responses to these documents on behalf of the IHBC.

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