IHBC@COP26 update: ‘Climate and Conservation’ Podcasts now on YouTube too!

Climate and Conservation’ Podcasts have been the most popular weekday anchors across our ‘Conservation Helpdesk+’ service – with thousands of views on our own IHBC Podcast page and new Spotify and Amazon Music postings, while now they are accessible on YouTube.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘The strides being made – and lessons learned – through our mostly off-the-cuff IHBC@COP26 presence are huge. Our podcasts, planet-wide platforms and new networks all suggest a very exciting few years immediately after COP26.  That global reach is well captured in the success of our podcasts, boasting new platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music, as well as, now, our Youtube channel!’

‘That’s exactly what we had hoped for, not least as it makes clear to all the IHBC’s commitment to delivering on the charitable and corporate ambitions we developed with our members. These were unanimously endorsed when our new Corporate Plan 2020-25 was formally adopted at our AGM last December.’

IHBC Professional Services Officer and Podcast lead Michael Netter said: ‘Offering our ‘Climate and Conservation’ Podcast discussions on this wide array of platforms, makes these COP26-critical messages more accessible both to our own networks as well as further afield.’

‘One clear message from the IHBC@COP26 ‘Conservation Helpdesk+’ experience is that we must be as engaging and inclusive as possible to achieve the COP’s ambitions and ours.  So we are continuing to find new ways to support our members and enhance the voice of conservation in the efforts to meet the challenge of climate change.’

See our ‘Climate and Conservation’ podcasts on the IHBC website suite at IHBC@COP26 Podcasts and on Youtube

See our ‘Climate and Conservation’ podcasts on the new Spotify and Amazon Music postings

Why is IHBC@COP26? Because ‘Conserving our Places Conserves our Planet’

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