IHBC’s new CPD Circular now out: Accessible cross-sector support, from NI events for all (9/12) to podcasts & more

The IHBC’s regular and free CPD Circular is out, with accessible information on sector-wide learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities, from the Northern Ireland Branch partnering virtual CPD suite, Conservation in Common (9/12 & after), to the IHBC’s COP26 podcasts, now even more accessible.


… Northern Ireland Branch has joined with a broad coalition of sector-wide bodies to deliver a suite of accessible CPD…

The IHBC CPD Circular writes:

A busy autumn wraps up with a slate of events over the first fortnight of December, resuming again in January after a reprieve during the festive season.  The Northern Ireland Branch has joined with a broad coalition of sector-wide bodies to deliver a suite of accessible CPD events, titled Conservation in Common, encouraging cross-professional engagement in training.

…IHBC’s COP26 ‘Climate and Conservation’ podcast episodes….highly accessible CPD opportunities…

A reminder that IHBC’s COP26 ‘Climate and Conservation’ podcast episodes are freely available and at around 30 minutes a piece they are highly accessible CPD opportunities to discover how conservation is influencing climate action.  With over 3k listens already you can access them in a variety of ways, from their own webpage to Spotify, Amazon and now YouTube.

01 December 2021…

As part of the IHBC’s commitment to providing our members and their networks with up-to-date information on continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and information, this monthly Circular includes upcoming Branch and National CPD opportunities, Awards, Placements, Bursaries & Scholarships, Calls for Papers and more from across the UK and beyond.

CPD Circular Listings include:

  • Events:`
    • IHBC National & Branch
    • IHBC Recognised CPD Providers
    • IHBC Network
  • Awards, Placements, Bursaries & Scholarships, and Calls for Papers…:

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