IHBC update: CHN seeks COP26 sign up to ‘Manifesto on Keeping 1.5° Alive’

The Climate Heritage Network (CHN) – a voluntary, mutual support network of arts, culture and heritage organisations – seeks signatories to its COP26-linked ‘Manifesto on Keeping 1.5° Alive’, entitled ‘Accelerating Climate Action through the Power of Arts, Culture and Heritage’.

… Manifesto provides key messages on culture and climate change…

CHN writes:

This Manifesto provides key messages on culture and climate change aimed at the 2021 United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) and beyond.It seeks to activate those involved in arts, culture, and heritage to take climate action through communication and engagement, inspiring and assisting their constituents, members and audiences to increase ambition; to change their own behaviours; and to engage with climate change policy development at local and national government and intergovernmental level.

Simultaneously, in order to meet the urgency of the climate emergency, it strives to inspire and encourage greater synergistic collaboration on climate action with other sectors and partners that have not traditionally engaged with cultural actors.

We invite civil society, government at all levels, Indigenous Peoples’ organisations, cultural organizations and institutions, businesses, universities and research organisations and other stakeholders to join us in signing on to this Manifesto, signalling our shared ambition to create just, thriving, and resilient communities today and into the future.

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Manifesto Signatories

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