Chief inspector of buildings tells high-rise designers to get ready

Peter Baker, the chief inspector of buildings, has told designers of high-rise buildings to act now to prepare for changes when the Building Safety Bill becomes law.

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… act now and prepare for the more stringent regulatory regime,’ [said] Peter Baker…

Construction Manager Magazine writes:

The Building Safety Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, aims to implement all of the recommendations set out in Dame Judith Hackitt’s Building a Safer Future report.

The reforms include a more stringent approach to the design and construction of high-rise buildings, and also aims to make clearer the responsibilities on designers to ensure the buildings are safe. There will also be new measures to ensure everyone carrying out design or building work is competent….

In addition, people working on the design of a high-rise building, from the development of a planning application through to building regulations approval, will need to understand the building’s intended use, correctly identify the risks, and own and manage those risks to determine the safety of a building.

There will be a requirement to record and provide evidence of decision-making during the design process, and a need to be engaged throughout a building.

Baker said: “Designers have a strong influence on safety and standards, particularly during the very early planning and design stages of a building project. Their decisions not only affect the safety of those carrying out the building work, but also those maintaining, using, or living in a building after it is built.

“I encourage designers to act now and prepare for the more stringent regulatory regime. HSE will continue to work with the building design industry and related businesses to support them to deliver safe and high-performing buildings and ensure that residents of high-rise buildings are safe….”

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